Clubbell Double Rock It

Clubbell Double Rock It

Once you’re proficient with the Single Clubbell Rock-it, it’s time to try the Double Clubbell Rock-it. Remember, always master clubbell movements with one steel club before working with two clubbells. Use a light steel club for a warm up or a heavy clubbell as part your strength and conditioning workout.

clubbell side rock-it

Two Handed Clubbell Side Rock-It

The clubbell side rock-it is a foundational clubbell exercise that moves clubbell in the frontal plane whilst countering the weight of the clubbell by charging the bodyweight in the opposite direction. If you’d like to get good at heavy clubbell mills and heavy clubbell lateral exercises, the clubbell side rock-it will groove the path for…

Clubbell Barbarian Squat

Clubbell Barbarian Squat

The clubbell barbarian squat is a great exercise that challenges the upper body, lower body and core simultaneously. You’ll hit the shoulders, back, triceps and chest with the arm cast, the quads, hamstrings and glutes whilst squatting and the core at the bottom portion of the squat. With the two handed clubbell barbarian squat have…

Steel Clubbell Torch Press

Clubbell Torch Press

The clubbell torch press is a fantastic exercise that challenges the shoulders and the core. Unlike most other shoulder presses where a weight is pressed up vertically straight, the clubbell torch press is pressed at a 45 degree angle which engages the core even more. Start with the clubbell two handed torch press, then the single…

Steel Club Arm Cast

Clubbell Two Handed Arm Cast

The clubbell two handed arm cast is the first movement to master when moving the steel clubbell from in front of the body to behind the body. Begin with the two handed variation which is the easiest as the you’ll have one hand to move the steel clubbell and the other hand to stabilize. Then,…