Dangerously Fit Clubbells are cast from a solid piece of steel with a perfectly weighted barrel and a powder coating finish.

Inside our Level 1 & Level 2 Clubbell Certification you’ll discover everything you need to know about clubbell training, taking you from novice to pro with 100+ video tutorials teaching you the full Dangerously Fit Clubbell training system.

Types Of Clubs


Clubbells or steel clubs as they are often referred to, look similar to Indian clubs but have a very different function. The steel club is a strength and conditioning tool, the Indian club is a mobility tool.

The design of the club makes the weight incredibly deceptive. The centre of mass is far away from the point of contact requiring more force to accelerate and decelerate the club.

Made from steel, these clubs can weigh anywhere from 2kgs-15kgs.


Indian Clubs

Indian clubs are a fantastic tool for wrist, elbow and shoulder mobility, but too lightweight to be used as a strength training tool.

They are designed to be an extension of your arm and help increase range of motion and blood flow.

Made from wood or polyurethane, the Indian clubs usually weigh between 0.5kg-1kg.

indian club

Persian Meels

Persian clubs are excellent for shoulder and grip strength and are shaped very similar to the Indian club.

However, Persian clubs are usually heavier and have more weight concentrated further away from the grip making them a superb tool for swinging movements and increasing circular strength.

Made from wood, Persian clubs usually weigh between 3kg-20kg.

persian meels

Steel Mace

The steel mace is another great tool for increasing circular strength, but due to it’s long handle can also be used many other ways.

The mace holds nearly it’s entire weight in the mace head, which creates an uneven and very challenging leverage disadvantage.

Made from steel, maces can weigh anywhere from 4kgs-20kgs.

If you’d like to learn more about the steel mace, we offer certification courses.

steel macebell

If you’d like to give clubbell training a go, we have steel clubs available for sale in our online store.

Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit Academy